Dear activist/friend, CRW member, scholar, student, citizens of the world. In CRW, we are focusing our work on online activism, using all the existing tools for online human rights advocacy, and working in developing new ways to advocate for human rights.

One of the most important tools for online activism is publishing and spreading of information, as well as uncovering injustices and human rights violations that the mainstream media would not talk about.

Part of this mandate is our newsletter. A triennial publication in the form of an online magazine dedicated in human rights, titled: “Citizens Voices”. This magazine was first published in 2015, and as time passes we aim in improving its content, reach, and utility. Through this publication we offer a platform where everyone can raise her/his voice against injustices, and advocate for human rights.

You can become a human rights defender and activist, by contributing to our work by writing an article on human rights.

⇒ We call everyone with relevant experience or a keen interest on human rights to write for our next Newsletter.

⇒ We encourage articles by volunteers, activists, academics, students, & NGOs.

⇒ Authors are free to choose their topic – Write about any human rights issue you would like to discuss, address or raise awareness about.

⇒ Articles should be between 1000-1500 words but submissions of any length will be considered for our website and other online publications.

⇒ All submissions must be original, and exclusive to Citizens Rights Watch (CRW).

⇒ We will not consider articles that have already been published (in print or online).

⇒ CRW also accepts letters for publication, including citizens’ complaints.

⇒ Letters should preferably be between 250-500 words.

For further inquiries please contact:


Citizens’ Rights Watch (CRW) is an international human rights’ NGO, working for human rights through online activism. We focus on raising awareness of human rights issues, through the monitoring, research and analysis of human rights, in respect to democracy and the rule of law in both the national and international levels.

Our work is utilising technology in order to raise human rights awareness, monitor governments through the input of citizens, using the tool of political naming and shaming to push governments to act against injustices, mobilizing the people and the international community, elevating the local into the global through our interconnectedness, promoting spontaneous collective political and social action leading to the improvement of human rights and citizens’ life quality, in order to end injustices and human rights abuses.


Our Mission is to give voice to citizens’ demands for basic human rights, monitor governments’ compliance to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) with focus on Economic and Social rights of every UN member state’s citizen and contribute to the progressive realization of human rights around the world.


The deadline for submitting an article is the:

a) 15th of March;

b) 15th of July;

c) 15th of November; of each year.

You are free to submit an article, at any time, but according to these deadlines, your article will be considered for the next possible publication depending on the submission date.


• The topic of your article should have human rights relevance. You are free to choose any topic that you wish to raise awareness about.

• The article should be in English.

• WORD LIMIT: The article should be no less than 1000 words, and not more than 1500 words. You can use the word office tool: word count, to make sure you are within these limits.

• You are required to submit your article in a word document file, with the title of your article on the top of the text. (The file name should be your surname).

• Acceptable file types are: .doc , .pdf

• Also, make sure to add 3-5 keywords, under your title, indicating what the article is about.

• Under the title, you should add your name, email, and a very short bio 30-50 words max (or just your professional title). We will use these details in the publication, so please make sure you spell everything correctly.

• Please note that you grant CRW the right to publish your article for non-profit reasons.

• Layout: You are free to use any font, layout, or paragraph layout. But we suggest you use: Font should be 12-point Arial, including endnotes. Please do not insert line breaks in the text or special spacing for formatting. Please do not use footnotes, only endnotes. Feel free to use hyperlinks, and website addresses.

• In case you use photos, make sure you have the right to do so according to the copyright rules.


An e-mail message with the article in word format as an attachment, should be sent directly to the CRW Content Editor, Athanasia Zagorianou in:

Use “Submission of Article” as the subject in the email address block. The message should include (1) the author’s name, (2) the title of the article, (3) an abstract of no more than 150 words and (4) relevant information about the author, including institutional affiliation, and e-mail addresses.

Once you have prepared your article observing the formatting, and guidelines above, attach it to the e-mail message and click “Send.” An acknowledgement will be sent indicating that the message and attachment has been received.

Our work does not end in receiving your article. After the passing of the deadline, we collect the articles and decide which ones to include in the publication. The editing team then proofreads them, and edits them accordingly, correcting language or content errors. If time allows, we will send you a week before publication the final draft newsletter, to make sure that your name, and article is correctly written. At this stage, you become part of the editing process, and your input/feedback is very much encouraged. You are also given the chance to edit your article by including updated information. In case we don’t hear back from you within one week we proceed in publishing the newsletter.

Thank you for reading!

Feel free to circulate!

In solidarity,

CRW’s Editing Team



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